Revenue refers to the amount of money a company earns from the sale of its products or services. Revenue is the ultimate metric that measures the success of a company's efforts to build a successful product and grow its business. It is the final step in the customer journey, following referral, and is critical for determining the overall success of a company's efforts.

Revenue is achieved by providing value to customers and converting them into paying customers. This involves understanding the target audience, creating a compelling product experience, driving customer acquisition, activation, retention, and referral, and optimizing pricing and monetization strategies.

Measuring and tracking revenue is important, as it provides insights into the overall financial health of a company and helps to identify areas for improvement. By focusing on revenue, companies can increase their financial stability and competitiveness, which leads to long-term success and growth. Thus, revenue is the ultimate metric in the success of new product development and marketing, and it is essential to track and optimize this metric as part of a company's overall growth strategy.